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Product Guide

All of our natural marble and limestone collection is manufactured from natural materials and as such, natural variation will occur. This will include shading, veining, fossils and crystal markings. This is the beauty of natural marble and limestone and sets it apart from any mass produced man made counterpart.

Micro agglomerate marble is far more consistent for regular shading and markings, with usually only small variations between each fireplace.

Every effort has been made to show correct colour representation, although no guarantees can be given due to the printing process. Customers are advised to view fireplaces and samples at their fireplace dealer.

All of our fireplace range is recommended for most compatible gas flues and electric fires. Ask your fireplace dealer for advice. New Image Fireplaces Ltd Policy is one of continuing improvement, we therefore reserve the right to alter material, design and specification without prior notice.

It is strongly recommended that your chosen fireplace dealer surveys your chimney and any relevant items before purchasing any of our products.

All New Image products should be inspected before installation, for quality and damage. No refunds can be given after this event.

All of our products must be installed by competent and experienced installers complying with all relevant building regulations and any rules in force.

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